Which documents should I translate to study outside of Spain?

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Every week come to our offices in Translation Company or get in contact with our translators Jurors dozens of youths who go abroad in order to expand its training and thus return someday with the possibility of choosing to a good job. These young people come to Translation Company , not only in order to apply for the sworn translation of your documents, but also in seeking advice about the procedures to be performed, the documents to be submitted and the legalization of the same.

Basic documents that need to be translated to study / work abroad

In Translation Company we are aware of the ignorance and lack of information that sometimes surround this issue and therefore we wanted to collect in a listing the basic documents that must have when it comes to embark on a new adventure abroad, and whose translation are specialized:

Diplomas and qualifications corresponding to each school stage. Baccalaureate degrees, certificates of vocational training, College degrees, master or doctorate degrees… In the country of destination, you will be asked you the corresponding to the degrees obtained certifications. At Translation Company we do daily translations of all types of academic certificates. Therefore, whatever your level of expertise, we guarantee the exact translation of the same, as well as its validity in the institution where should take effect.

In addition to certifications, you must file sworn translation of your personal academic certification, issued by the appropriate educational institution. In Translation Company we use us to fund in each of our sworn translations, performing a thorough work of documentation prior to translation to know perfectly the differences and similarities between the educational systems of origin and destination and between qualifications systems established by the same and, in this way, the maximum possible accuracy give sworn translation.

Language certificates are also an element to take into account. Even though they are not always required, file the sworn translation of your language certificates will help you add points to other candidates when it comes to, for example, apply for a grant or admission to either University.

Letters of academic reference. As well as in the case of certificates of languages, submit the sworn translation of the letters of recommendation written by teachers or members of the educational institution who know the language of the country of destination, it is useful to differentiate themselves from other students.

In addition to the academic documents, there are others you need to translate

Aside from the academic documents, there are another set of basic documents whose sworn translation should be delivered:

Any identity document, provided that it is current and the data contained in it are the current. To move to a foreign country, it is recommended to perform the certified Passport translation if you should submit it to any official body. In Translation Company we also handle the sworn translation of their identity documents.

The certificate of criminal, that is, a certificate showing the criminal record of the person concerned. Sworn translation of the certificate of criminal it is usually a prerequisite for those who decide to try their luck abroad.

Curriculum vitae. Although it is not essential to study in another country, it is a good idea to walk away with the translated curriculum if already abroad have any job opportunity.

However, sometimes it is not enough with sworn documents translation. You have to make a preliminary step: its legalization, which allows these to have validity. Many of our customers come to Translation Company in search of advice on this issue. As well, in terms of legalization all depends on the requirements of the country of destination and of the educational institution that you want to be part.

In Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and The Ministry of education, first of all, in the second instance, are the entities responsible for the legalization of academic documents. Legalization in the Ministry of education shows that the document issued has been awarded by an institution recognized by the State and authorized to offer the academic program corresponding to that document. For its part, the procedure before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows documents granted in the country of origin to take effect abroad.

The so-called agreement Hague signatory countries have the benefit of suppression of the legalization of foreign public documents in all Member countries. In such a case, the person concerned must be the procedure to obtain the Apostille of the Hague, which allows you to authenticate and legalise diplomas, certified notes, study programs and other academic documents in a simple and internationally accepted manner.

Since there are many people that are unaware this procedure, from Translation Company we want to inform you that the translation of the Apostille of the Hague is indispensable when presenting documents abroad.

We also want to remind you that our team of translators jurors remains at your disposal for sworn such Apostille translation, as well as other academic records or other you wish to introduce overseas. From Translation Company, we are committed to offer our best services of sworn translation, to advisory services that you may need to undertake a new stage. Try our FreeTranslation