Rottweiler Training

Rottweiler Training

If you have decided to adopt a Rottweiler puppy, an adult Rottweiler or you already have one and want to know more about canine training, you have entered the right place. It is very important to be clear that this breed needs education and therefore Expert Animal gives you the keys to achieve good training.

You should know that this dog has some imposing physical characteristics so achieving an obedient and social dog with people should be your main goal in training. We’ll also give you some advice on physical exercise.

Find out all about the Rottweiler training below:

Features of the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a powerful, big-sized dog. It is considered as a potentially dangerous dog by its strong musculature and powerful jaw. It measures between 60 and 70 centimeters to the cross and its weight is between 45 and 60 kilograms of weight. We must legally use a leash and muzzle whenever you are transthe public thoroughfare. Discover in ExpertoAnimal which is the best muzzle for a dog.

All these physical characteristics do not suppose that the Rottweiler is a dangerous dog at all, however, we must be clear that it is a very strong dog and therefore the training and education are so important in this case. We must also be prepared to afford a canine ethologist if behavioral problems arise in the future.

The Rottweiler dog possesses a noble and calm character, is very intelligent, so it will be easy to carry out basic education. ExpertoAnimal does not recommend to practice attack training in this race and even less if you do not possess the proper knowledge for it. Being a protective dog we will need to work actively in obedience.

Rottweiler Puppy Education

The Rottweiler’s education must begin when this is still a puppy, from the three months of life, when we can separate him from his parents. It is important to understand that quickly separating the puppy is detrimental to him, as the dog does not acquire the basic knowledge of relationship between dogs and often have more learning difficulties.

Another point to take into account will be the importance of setting standards that the whole family fulfils and respects. For example, let the couch or not go up to our dog, what will be their schedules of food, of walk etc. All the rules should be the same for the dog to understand what is expected of it, avoid confusion and maintain a stability within the home. The routine greatly benefits our pets and is much more important than some believe.

Once you have started your vaccination schedule and when the vet gives us the approval, it will be time to start with the socialization of the puppy. This stage is the most important of all and will be essential for our dog in the future to be sociable, stable and without behavioral problems. We must introduce you to other pets, people and objects of all kinds. The more varied and positive these encounters, the less likely we will have that our dog is reactive, fearful or reckless.

Correct bad behavior properly

You should know that the use of hang collars or physical punishment is totally detrimental and inappropriate in training. You must seek a good relationship between you. Make him obey you without needing to punish. That doesn’t mean you can’t say “No!” If you break one of your furniture, but you must avoid physical punishment at all costs.

If you have problems with belt pulls, you better get an anti-throw collar and if the problem lies in obedience better to go to a canine educator. Remember that the Rottweiler is a very powerful and strong dog, teaching him aggressive behaviors will bring negative consequences.

Your tools will be patience, obedience and positive reinforcement. Never aggression, as it can lead to undesirable behavior problems in the future.

The first steps of training: obedience

Once we teach him to pee in the street and when your puppy begins to grow, you will have to devote hours to his training starting with obedience. You can practice a 15-minute session a day or two 10-minute sessions a day. It will be important not to overwhelm the dog and begin to teach the orders one by one:

Obedience orders will not only offer you an educated and obedient dog outside the home, will help you improve your relationship, stimulate your intelligence and make you feel useful within the family. It is very important to understand that obedience is very important.

Continuing with the training

Having a dog as smart and noble as the Rottweiler is likely to make us want to continue with the doggy dans online dog trainer review and start with more advanced methods. First of all you must remember that it is important to repeat the orders and learned